Time to clean your closet

Bring your suits, accessories and other professional attire items and help others get ready for re-entering the workforce. Lightly used clothing donations will be collected at the Aug 16th meeting.

Wishing for an organized, spacious closet?  This may be the perfect time to take inventory while at the same helping other get ready to enter the workforce. 

Typically, closets are packed with items that may fit into one of these three categories: (1) those we "hope" to fit in again, (2) the ones we use all the time, and (3) the ones purchased a while ago and never worn.  Imagine how much more spacious your closet will feel once items that do not fit or have never (and will never) been worn are out of the closet?  

And this is your chance to put them for a good use...

GMSHRM Workforce Readiness Committee will be collecting lightly used, suits, dresses, ties, jackets and accessories as part of its program to help those re-entering the workforce.  GMSHRM will also be accepting donations of slightly used professional clothing to benefit the (IRC) International Rescue Committee's local workforce in transition programs.

Please remember to look into your closet and bring your donation of shoes, jackets, ties, shirts, dresses to help an IRC program graduate "dress to impress."

For more information, please contact Paula Franco, GMSHRM Director of Workforce Readiness at workforcereadiness@gmshrm.org.