Notice from the President

Vote for new President-elect candidate will be held at July 19 meeting.

Notice from the President

Due to a change in work responsibilities, the current President-Elect, Lourdes Rey-Wilson, has resigned her position on the 2011 GMSHRM Board to allow another candidate to "train" for the GMSHRM Presidency.

In the normal flow of selecting Board Members at the Officer level, an Approval Committee made up of GMSHRM Presidents, as per GMSHRM By-Laws, approves nominees for the Officer level slate of the Board.   Nominees are then presented to membership for voting.  This method was used to select a nominee to fill the current President-Elect vacancy; the Approval Committee has selected the following nominee: Robert Garcia.

As per GMSHRM By-Laws, voting on nominees for the President-Elect vacancy is to be conducted at the next regular GMSHRM meeting.  In this situation, nominees for the President-Elect position may be named and voted for by eligible GMSHRM members, at the GMSHRM dinner meeting scheduled for July 19, 2011.                             

Thank you.

Cindy J. Lau-Evans
President, Greater Miami Society for Human Resource Management