Mary Lalluci - Executive VP at Right Management

Substituting for Tom Pitts will be May 2011 Presenter, Mary Lallucci. Mary will share her expertise in organizational leadership. If expanding your career opportunities is one of your goals, then this is a presentation not to be missed.

Mary Lallucci is Executive Vice President,  Florida/Caribbean Region with Right Management’s Tampa Office.

GMSHRM welcomes Mary Lallucci as speaker for the May 17th GMSHRM Meeting titled - "Is Talent Management Irrelevant?"

Organizational Leadership Experience
Drawing on more than 20 years of human resources experience, Mary ensures that the Florida/Caribbean team delivers the highest quality organizational consulting services, thereby fostering the long-term growth and development of clients. Her expertise also extends to the development of strategic marketing and business development initiatives.

Education and Training
Mary holds a degree in Human Services from Nazareth College in New York. She is active in professional and civic groups in the Tampa Bay area, serving on the Board of Directors and is currently Chair-elect for St Petersburg Chamber, CEO Council for Tampa Bay, Board member for Tampa Bay Workforce, Society for Human Resource Management, Tampa Chamber of Commerce.