General Session 1: Health Care Challenge

GMSHRM Wellness Conference General Session will explore the pitfalls of trying to get individuals to live healthy when they have no other reference point.

General Session 1 
11:00 AM – 12 Noon
Health Care Challenge: Instilling Wellness in a High Risk Population
Kent McKinney, MBA 

Description of Session
Building a culture of health requires a commitment to change – Kent McKinney will share his experience working for Maryland Health Insurance plan as they attempt to get individuals who participate in their program to understand the importance of self-directed health management. This session will explore the pitfalls of trying to get individuals to live healthy when they have no other reference point. We will evaluate the overall cost of managing health care that is driven by sick individuals – who have no ability to reverse years of unhealthy behavior. What is it costing us to manage in a “sick” environment verses managing health care in a proactive “healthy living” environment. He will also review how intrinsic health issues affect the workplace beyond wellness and the pivotal role of providing high quality health care at affordable prices to a high-risk pool of individuals.  

Learning Objectives
Attendees will learn:
·        How health care cost is distributed for the insured and the uninsured.
·        How years of health neglect impacts the cost to taxpayers and how difficult it is to reverse course.
·        How to help individuals who normally take their health for granted to embrace change.
·        How to successfully integrate employer-based health management services across the health continuum.
·        How to identify key cost drivers and key metrics for successful individual health improvement.  

Speaker – Kent McKinney MBAKent McKinney serves as the Executive Director of the Maryland Health Insurance Plan.  Kent’s general management responsibilities in this role include providing high quality health care at an affordable price to over 20,000 high-risk Maryland residents and overseeing the state’s senior prescription drug subsidy program.   He also serves as a contributor to the operational planning and strategic development of Maryland’s health reform.       

Kent brings to MHIP a diverse management background across public and private healthcare sectors.  He has 18 years of health care management experience predominately in the pharmaceutical and medical device industries where he served in senior leadership positions.  Kent maintains a keen understanding of health and productivity management and healthcare financing.  Prior to joining the private sector Kent was a commissioned officer in the United States Army.      

Kent is a graduate of West Virginia University with a BA in biology.  He has a Master of Public Health degree from Columbia University and a Masters of Business Administration from the University of Baltimore.  Kent and his wife Angie, sons Patrick (10yrs), Christopher (8yrs) and Andrew (6yrs), reside in Gambrills, Maryland.