Breakout Session 1 - Working Well: A Cultural Shift from Rhetoric to Reality

This presentation covers a cultural shift in health with worksite wellness from a national standpoint, organization, and employee perspective.

Breakout Session 1
9:45 AM – 10:45 AM
Working Well: A Cultural Shift From Rhetoric to Reality
Hina Validya, MSc. D.Pod.M. 

Description of Session
HR professionals need to be up-to-date with the latest research and trends in the wellness industry to be able to develop the most effective wellness programs. This presentation covers a cultural shift in health with worksite wellness from a national standpoint, organization, and employee perspective. A particular focus is given to applying a systematic and outcomes-based approach to organizational wellness that includes assessment, targeting, intervention, tracking, benchmarking, and evaluation. Hina will use her extensive experience in international healthcare to demonstrate how an integrated change management approach can be applied to behavior change for positive outcomes for the organization and its members as well as the community as a whole.

Learning Objectives 
Attendees will learn how to: 
- Establish proven wellness strategies as part of the whole healthcare continuum to get positive organizational results for improving member health and reducing employer health costs.
- Apply a systematic approach to organizational healthcare management that includes assessment, targeting, intervention, tracking, and outcomes evaluation.
- Promote the economics of wellness and prevention and cultural factors as key components for developing a successful wellness strategy
- Develop strategies that link program goals to national wellness trends and public health initiatives, such as Health People 2010 and 2020. 

Speaker: Hina Vaidya, MSc. D.Pod.M. – Summit Health
As Vice President, Business & Product Development for Summit Health, Hina designs and consults on corporate health, wellness and business development strategies incorporating communication and change management focused on a culture that induces engagement to modify behaviors and better care processes to improve healthcare, reduce costs and improve performance and productivity. With over 27 years of healthcare management experience, Hina has held a range of senior management positions both nationally and internationally. Hina is President of Corporate Compass a consultancy company and as well, she is a co-founder and former Principal of Empowering LLC where she pioneered corporate health and productivity strategies for businesses ranging from 200 to over 60,000 members.  She has helped her corporate clients transform their healthcare focus from retrospective to prospective, from managing costs to managing health status, and from looking at only the high cost individuals to embracing entire populations.At the UK National Health Service, Hina collaborated with the DOH Health Policy Development Team and Government Ministers’ Office on healthcare management, and led initiatives in healthcare disparity, outreach and workforce development. Hina’s 22 years of UK National Health Service experience, includes 17 years in Podiatric Medicine after graduating from University College London Hospital in 1982.Hina also holds a master's degree in Inter-professional Healthcare and Organizational Development from Middlesex University, London, qualifications in Executive Leadership from INSEAD Business School, France and Health Promotion from Luton University, London. Hina has been a frequent presenter in national and local healthcare conferences across the US, UK and EU communities.