Flip Flops 4 Haiti - Featured on CBS 4, "Neighbors 4 Neighbors"

Soles 4 Haiti Initiative was highlighted on June 30 by CBS 4. If you missed the report, here is a sneak peek. "In the Community: Flip Flops 4 Haiti"

GMSHRM continues to actively promote its year long campaign to assist America's Relief Team, (ART) and International Rescue Group (IRC) in serving our neighbors in Haiti recover after the devasting earthquake of January 2010.  Here's a CBS4 video clip from Neighbors 4 Neighbors CBS 4 programs, highlighting this effort and featuring David Nunes, GMSHRM Community Relations Director on their website:

Video Clip: "In the Community: Flip Flops 4 Haiti" 

As you know, GMSHRM collection boxes are a new feature at our monthly meetings. We encourage members and partners to bring their flip flop donations to the meetings and get others involved in this initiative. So far, Dade County Federal Credit Union, Burger King Corporation, Marriot Reservations, and Transatlantic Re are among the organizations who have set up collection boxes at their place of business and have engaged their employees in this project. 

Do you want to get involved?
Contact David Nunes, Community Relations Director at communityrelations@gmshrm.org. The company and GMSHRM member that collects the largest amount of donations will be recognized this year.  Our goal is to collect 2,010 pairs of flip flops this year. 

Help us help Haiti!

Thanks again for your efforts in this campaign.