Social Media Marketing Strategies

The June GMSHRM meeting brought together a diverse group of presenters to explore practical applications of social media in business. Here is a glimpse.

If you missed the June GMSHRM program, I am sure you will hear all about it through your peers.  Whether you are familiar with social media strategies or not, this is a powerful way to build relationships that is here to stay.

The June Program provided a glimpse into business applications and a general introduction to social media and its impact.  For more information in our presenters, and our sponsors, click here.

And as promised, for those who attended the event, here is a copy of the PPT presentation of our keynote speaker, Manny Sarmiento.

We look forward to seeing you at the July meeting when Tony Schwartz, renowned author will speak about the "new way" of working. Until then, please join our group and continue the conversation via LinkedIn, Facebook and follow us on Twitter.