Let's Get Flip Flops 4 Haiti

Great chance to get flip flops for Soles 4 Haiti. This Saturday, Old Navy has a special sale - all flip flops for $1

Wow! Could not have asked for a better deal.  Old Navy is having a special offer on flip flops.  This Saturday, all flips flops are just $1 at Old Navy.  What a better way to buy a few pairs - at a great discounted price, while helping children in Haiti!

With only $10 - you can buy 10 pairs of flip flops, and that will help 10 children in need.

For a list of the OLD NAVY store near you, click here

Soles 4 Haiti
Our goal is to collect 2010 pairs of flip flops by the end of the year. Get your company or employees involved and let's help the children of Haiti during this recovery period.


For more information, please contact
David Nunes at communityrelations@gmshrm.com