GMSHRM Members in Transition - We are here for you!

GMSHRM provides active and new members who are unemployed at the time of their membership renewal a ONE TIME opportunity to extend their membership for up to one year, at no cost!

GMSHRM provides active members and new members who are unemployed at the time of the membership renewal or initial application a one-time opportunity to extend their membership at no cost! GMSHRM believes this affiliation to our loyal members will help transitioning members stay current on the issues impacting the HR profession and provide them with the needed resources to assist them in their job search. 
Who qualifies for transitioning membership? 
Any active member who is unemployed at the time of his or her membership expiration date or who becomes unemployed up to 60 days after the membership lapses. A member must be unemployed at the time he or she applies for transitioning membership. Student members do not qualify for transitioning membership.Before activating a transitioning membership, the requestor must communicate his or her unemployment status to GMSHRM via the Transitioning Membership Certification Form.  All requests for transitioning membership are subject to approval by the GMSHRM Board of Governors. To be approved, the requestor must remain an active member of SHRM and must designate GMSHRM as their primary chapter with SHRM.
What benefits are included with a transitioning membership? 
All GMSHRM free and discounted member benefits are included. 
Benefits include:
·         Full access to GMSHRM online (
·         Listing in the GMSHRM online membership directory
·         Online research, articles and white papers
·         The Career Development Resource Center
·         Job Board, for HR and non-HR related jobs
·         National, State and Local Legal Updates
·         Discounted rates to chapter events
·         Year-round Networking Opportunities
·         FREE study group courses to prepare you for the HR Certification test  
What happens when I find a new job? 
Members in transitioning membership status may reinstate their professional membership atany time during their transitioning membership period by paying the annual renewal fee.
Important note: 
Transitioning membership is available and will not begin until the GMSHRM Board of Governors reviews and approves the request.  If you qualify, please contact VP of Membership at  Members will be notified when the membership has been approved and reactivated. Membership passwords will remain the same.