New Year, New Media, New Ways to Stay Connected

Stay connected, build relationships and grow your human resources professional network in 2010.

Staying connected is an important part of today's professional and business development.  More than 75 percent of all Americans participate in some form of social media. Whether is through blogs, forums and sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or YouTube, people actively engage in social media to find jobs, connect with friends, find or share information with their networks, and more. And in 2010, GMSHRM looks forward to staying even more connected with our members.

Visit us at our social media sites, engage in conversations, share your questions, findings and experiences, expand your network of colleagues and continue growing your knowledge base. We do look forward working with you this year and hearing from you through one or all of our new social media sites as we continue to expand the use of social media.


  Tweet about the latest legal updates, share best reads or latest news of what is happening in the local HRcommunity and industries.
  Stay connected with HR colleagues and friends, find about networking events and see the latest pictures from our events.
  Engage in industry conversations, get employment leads or find great candidates.

 Other News
And when you like an article on the GMSHRM website, or read about an event that interests you, share it with your network by using the new "bookmark" feature that appears on each web page.  Stay tuned for the launch of our You Tube and Flickr channels in 2010.