Take advantage of what our Linkedin Group can offer you!

GMSHRM Linkedin Group can help you connect with other HR Professionals, provide important information, and answers to your questions, bring you all sort of leads, and interactive discussions.

Since its inception late last year, we have accepted close to 300 members into our GMSHRM Group on Linkedin. Just in case you are not sure what is available to you within our GMSHRM group, here are some highlights:

  • Discussions: You can create a question for all other members, or post some information that you feel would be beneficial to most of your colleagues, request referrals for vendors or speakers, or ask for help.
  • News: You can upload articles, or send links to Group Administrator and it will be posted.
  • Jobs: We have recently created a Job Board, either post your openings, or go searching for opportunities.
  • Subgroups: Because some of our members' issues sometimes are specific to their industry, sub-groups have been created so that members that join that particular sub-group can collaborate, have open discussions, or share best practices with each other. So far, we have created 6 Sub-groups, they are:

Recruitment and Staffing




Benefits and Insurance


If you want to join any of them, simply go to the GMSHRM Group, and click on Sub-groups, you can find all of these listed.  If you want to have an additional Industry or Competence sub-group created, simply email the administrator, and it will be created for you. Then invite your affiliated collegues to join you. Most importantly, continue to add colleagues to your network, have them introduce you to others, and recommend others to join us at Linkedin.

If you have any specific questions on any resources you have not taken advantage of, just let the administrator know.


See you on LinkedIn!!!


Mary Muniz-Pellicer

VP of Membership

GMSHRM Linkedin Group Administrator