Useful Website Tips

Want to keep abreast of news, events, jobs and developments in the local HR community? Look no further than your chapter's website.

GMSHRM launched its new website ( at the end of 2008.  With it came new opportunities for our chapter to deliver quality content, relevant information and a chance to interact with other local members. So, here are a few tips on how to maximize the use of the website in keeping up to date with your local hr community.

1. Registration - Keep your information up to date. With so many changes taking place these days, it is important to keep you member information updated.  In particular your email is the most important factor in keeping communications with the chapter and other colleagues. Once you are registered, feel free to visit your profile and update your information as needed. This is your way to keep connected with your local HR community.

2. RSS - The home page includes information on GMSHRM events and local HR news, opportunities and events. Want to receive an alert every time new information is published?  Then click on RSS (abbreviation for Really Simple Syndication) at the bottom of each section and register to receive alerts every time new events, news, career opportunities, etc are added to the site.  Stay informed, connected and proactive!

3. Featured Member - We want to hear from you.  Therefore, we added a new section on our home page to feature members, and volunteers.  Let us celebrate together promotions, new jobs, certifications, speaking engagements, appointments. Get to know your colleagues, your chapter and expand your professional network. Share the news via email at

More to come....
As we continue to improve our communications with members, we look forward to receiving your feedback on programs, the website, events. Stay tuned for upcoming features, and programs to be launched in the following months.