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HR Professionals - Resumes


Damaris Scalia

Ana Victores-Reboredo

Dale E. Laing-Hall

Desiree Gonzalez





Mary S. Lindsay


HR Director/ Manager    

Andrea Reimann

Nancy Santiago

Michelle Boyer

David Malcun

Aileen Fundora

Maggy Smith

Pilar Proctor

Theresa Brehmer

Karen Meikle

Gabrielle Smith

Mary Cadahia





HR Generalist


HR Business Partner


Christophe Angelier

Elizabeth (Ibby) Vores

Mario Cabrera


Global/International HR


Oswaldo D. Jarrin




  Talent Acquisition  


Alana Dasent


Training/Organization Dev. 

Karen Meikle




Employee Relations


    EEO/Affirmative Action


HR Consulting