The Prosperity Campaign

A Project of the Human Services Coalition of Miami-Dade County

The Prosperity Campaign helps low-wage workers become members of the middle class. It connects working people to existing economic benefits including the Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC), the Child Tax Credit, Food Stamps, Kidcare and others. It also seeks to provide individuals and families with financial literacy programs that will help them improve their standard of living so they can buy a house, a car, or put themselves or their kids through college. The Campaign has taken a lead role countywide in promoting and advocating for the EITC, KidCare, healthcare for the uninsured, financial literacy, EITC, homeownership, and access to banking and savings programs.

The Human Services Coalition has been partnering with businesses to bring these services in-house to interested employers, helping employees who have time restrictions, transportation issues, and dependents at home. Please contact Karla Gottlieb at 305/576-5001 x 33 or to see how we can help you.