GMSHRM – Workforce Initiatives – Veterans, In-Transition Community

GMSHRM has partnered with Peter Caspari and Rebecca Heinl from ESGR (Employer Support of the Guard and Reserve) to assist military personnel within the recruitment arena by providing recruitment expertise and exposure to employers.

Efforts to date:
•       In 2016 HR Professionals helped the reservist refine their resumes, answer concerns about the interview process and how to market themselves to employers.
•       GMSHRM received Seven Seals Award from DOD for working with unemployed and underemployed members of Military Reserve and National Guard at Homestead         Air Force Base
•       In 2017 we will continue our efforts and build upon this initiative by providing:
•       Shadow Day Experience
•       Provides an opportunity for HR Professionals who have never experienced military life to "play" soldier for a day and experience military personnel as they perform              their military duties in the field. (Received SHRM Certification Credit).  Held on April 8, 2017
•       Soldier of the Month Spotlight – Second soldier spotlight will be during the Talent Acquisition Session on September 14th.
•       Showcase a soldier who is seeking full time/part time position.  They will highlight their skills and assist them with networking and providing exposure to employers.
•       First soldier spotlight was during our Dinner Meeting held on April 25, 2017, with Stephen Varela
•       Mentors for soldiers needed, if interested, contact
•       Future workshop
•       Develop a workshop for our veterans and employers to interact in understanding more about hiring military personnel.  More to come later…
•       Volunteers needed, if interested, contact