SHRM Disaster Recovery and Emergency Preparedness Resources

Adapted from SHRM's Disaster Management Plan Toolkit: Human Resources' Role

The role of human resources in disaster and operations continuity planning must be considered in a comprehensive, analytical manner and be linked to the organization's strategic disaster management plan. The analysis calls for a systematic review of the possibilities for unplanned business interruptions due to disasters and the planned allocation of resources that facilitate operations continuity in response to such disasters. SHRM has compiled resources to assist you in preparing your workplace for hurricanes, floods, fires, tornadoes, and other natural disasters.

Human Resources' role requires disaster and operations continuity planning.
Disaster Planning needs to make allowances for:

hazards that may occur and then assess probabilities of disasters occurring, and planning for those with the highest degree or probability.

The HR disaster evaluation includes classifying catastrophes in three employee contexts: employees severely impacted by the disaster (loss of family members, homes, etc.); employees impacted by the disaster (energy or transportation losses); and employees not directly impacted.

For the purpose of disaster management planning, SHRM prepared a toolkit of resources to assist SHRM members, offering a segmented approach to what the HR team needs to consider, evaluate and decide upon, in the planning processes. Interspersed throughout the planning segments are references to SHRM resource links relating to the segment.

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