The SHRM Foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit affiliate of the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM).  The Foundation is a legally separate organization, and is not funded by SHRM membership dues.

The mission of the SHRM Foundation is to maximize the impact of the HR profession on organizational decision-making and performance by promoting innovation, education, research, and the use of research-based knowledge.  The SHRM Foundation's work  includes:

  • Innovative academic research grants.  The SHRM Foundation is a leading funder of HR research.  Over the past three years, the SHRM Foundation has awarded more than $1.5 million in grants to fund rigorous, original academic research with practical implications for HR management practice.
  • Scholarships.  The SHRM Foundation awards $170,000 annually in education and certification scholarships to professional and student SHRM members, and doctoral students.
  • Educational resources.  The SHRM Foundation's Effective Practice Guidelines series make research findings easily accessible to HR practitioners.  The Foundation has also created a series of educational DVDs for SHRM chapter programming, staff trainings, and executive education sessions.

In addition, the SHRM Foundation conducts an annual fundraising campaign to support our programming.  We are grateful for the generous support we receive from SHRM chapters and state councils, individuals, corporations and others.  Your financial support is vital to ensure that the SHRM Foundation can continue this important work.  Donations can be made via fax, mail, or online. For more information go to: 

SHRM Foundation Scholarships and Awards 
For SHRM Professional Members / For Student Members and Advisors / For Ph.D. Students and Researchers

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SHRM Foundation Scholarships for SHRM Members
Application Deadline: July 15, 2011  Applications for 2011 will be available April 1, 2011.
Download a 2010 Scholarship Brochure.

Click here to view application instructions and more information. 

This program is generously underwritten by the J. J. Keller Foundation.

The SHRM Foundation awards a total of $100,000 annually in scholarships for SHRM members pursuing degrees in HR-related fields or SPHR, GPHR, PHR or California certification. Members working in the media industry and pursuing a college degree are eligible to apply for a Barbara Sanchez Scholarship. 

In addition, SHRM professional chapters and state councils are eligible to compete for the Certification scholarship to fund programs that promote SPHR, GPHR, PHR or California certification. (Note: 'SHRM members' includes professional, general or associate members. Student members, student chapters and local-only members of chapters are not eligible for this scholarship program.)

80 Certification Scholarships ($750 each)
20 Academic Scholarships ($2,000 each)
5   Barbara Sanchez Scholarships ($1,500 each)

All applications must be submitted online. You may begin the online application process after April 1, save your work and then complete the process at a later date. Your application must be completed and submitted by July 15 to be considered for an award. 

Online Applications and Instructions
Award Criteria and FAQs

2011 Scholarship Flier for Distribution
Past Award Winners-Sorted by Region and State
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NAHR Ram Charan HR Essay Contest- deadline June 15, 2011

Susan R. Meisinger Fellowship for Graduate Study in HR- deadline: April 1, 2011

To be eligible to apply, an HR professional must be a first-time master’s student seeking a degree in HR and must meet at least one of the following criteria: 1) be a member of SHRM or 2) hold a professional certification (e.g., PHR, SPHR or GPHR certification) from the HR Certification Institute.

Awards for SHRM Student Members and Advisors:
SHRM Foundation Student Scholarship Program
More than $50,000 will be awarded in scholarships for graduate and undergraduate education, as well as the new Assurance of Learning exam. 40 Scholarships are available. Note new application deadline: December 1.

Advisor of the Year Award
Recognize an outstanding SHRM student chapter advisor. Nominate him or her for the Advisor of the Year Award.

Research Awards:
SHRM Foundation Dissertation Awards
In partnership with the HR Division of the Academy of Management, the Foundation presents four $5000 awards each year to support the dissertation research of promising doctoral candidates. 

Visit the Academy of Management website

Michael R. Losey Human Resource Research Award
This premier $50,000 award from the Michael R. Losey endowment fund recognizes significant research contributions that impact the human resource management field.


SHRM Foundation News:
Research on Human Capital Challenges
The SHRM Foundation recently released a study that concluded that “finding and retaining the best talent” is the most critical challenge facing America’s chief executives and their organizations.  The results of this study are being used by the SHRM Foundation to design tools and resources to help organizations address many of the future challenges that research participants identified.  The research revealed that the five most significant future challenges facing companies (regardless of size, location, or industry) were: 1) succession planning; 2) recruiting and selecting talented employees; 3) engaging and retaining talented employees; 4) providing leaders with skills to be successful; and 5) rising health care costs.

SHRM Foundation News:
Student Scholarships

The SHRM Foundation supports the development of future HR leaders through several programs that support students and their educators.  Each year, the SHRM Foundation awards $50,000 in scholarships for SHRM student members.  Only national SHRM student members are eligible to apply for these scholarships.  These are just a few examples of the many activities the SHRM Foundation undertakes to support the future of the HR profession, which is made possible by your generous support.


About the Foundation
Did you know that . . . the SHRM Foundation was founded in 1966 as a not-for-profit affiliate of SHRM?  It is governed by a volunteer Board of Directors from the HR profession.

The SHRM Foundation maximizes the impact of the HR profession on organizational decision-making and performance by promoting/funding innovation, research and the use of research based knowledge. It provides:

*  Research:  Award research grants
*  Publications:  Publish research results: books, reports, website
*  Education:  Create presentations, videos and study guides to share knowledge
*  Scholarships:  Provide money for further education and certification

Your involvement
To support its important work, the SHRM Foundation conducts an annual fundraising campaign. Your contribution is important in the continuation of the Foundation's work. Please invest in the HR profession by contributing to the SHRM Foundation. Your contribution is tax deductible.

For more information on why the SHRM Foundation is important to our Chapter and our professional success, click here to find more information on how the SHRM foundation benefits HR practitioners.

If you are interested in joining this committee: