Welcome GMSHRM 4/15 speaker, Andy Habermacher, a Brain Leader, Neuroscience speaker, Coach & Author

Meet our April 2014 speaker Andy Habermacher whose research and work in neuroscience have lead him to form "leading brains" - a platform where everyone can gain access to the knowledge of the brain - and the "leading brains academy".

Andy Habermacher is a Certified Master Coach, author and one of Europe's' leading experts on neuroleadership. He has almost 20 years experience in the corporate education field and works with senior leaders of major multinationals. Andy is also very active on the speaking circuit, speaking to audiences globally on the brain and leadership.
Since writing Neuroleadership with Prof. Theo Peters and Argang Ghadiri in 2012, the team has developed the "SCOAP-profile" questionnaire measuring human basic needs in the workplace and respective unconscious motivation.  Andy has also currently written further academic articles which are awaiting publication.  He is working on The SCOAP Coach – An Integrated Scientific Approach to Effective Coaching to be published by Springer in 2014/15. The 2nd Edition of Neuroleadership: A Journey Through the Brain for Business Leaders is also due to be published in 2015.
In 2014, Andy co-founded “The Human Brains Foundation”, a non-profit which aims to connect research on the brain across domains to the general public and to put this to practical use in a variety of projects. Andy is a passionate sports person and has played rugby for Switzerland internationally – currently his focus is on karate and athletics. He has two children who keep him busy the rest of the time.
Recent books:
The Fox Factor, 2011
Neuroleadership - A Journey through the Brain for Business Leaders, Springer, 2012 (with Ghadiri & Peters)