GMSHRM recognized by the SHRM Foundation

Thank you GMSHRM Members for supporting your profession with your SHRM Foundation donations!

Sincere thanks to the 2013 GMSHRM Members, President Jenna R. Rassif, Esq. and the Board, and Committee Volunteers for your generous support to the annual fundraising campaign.  Yours along with GMSHRM's contrbutions met the Foundation's goals to make GMSHRM a 2013 SHRM Foundation Chapter Champion.  Special thanks to Miriam Suarez, 2013 GMSHRM Foundation Director for leading our chapter’s Foundation Campaign! 

The support provided by the SHRM chapters and state councils allows the SHRM Foundation to provide opportunities available to your fellow HR professionals that they may not have had otherwise, including: 

♦ Assisting individuals in their pursuit of greater academic credentials with over $200,000 in annual educational and certification scholarships awards that help create the next generation of HR leaders. 

♦ Supporting researchers who bring us greater understanding of HR complexities with more than $3.8 million in research grants - original, rigorous, empirical research studies that have actionable HR practice implications, Thought Leadership Initiative with the Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) to inform "what's next" critical trends likely to impact the workplace in 5-10 years

♦ Creating materials for HR practitioners to capitalize on new research knowledge -                                       identifying emerging trends, helping HR practitioners become strategic business leaders, providing the Effective Practice Guidelines, the Executive Briefings & educational DVDs - all complimentary!

Please visit to access the resources you can use. These SHRM Foundation resources are making a difference every day to shape the future of HR!